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Bigi woyo aims to make your life easier. You can now shop in your own free time and get your order delivered at home.

Customer satisfaction
At Bigi Woyo we find it important that our customers make the right choice when shopping and that they are satisfied with their purchase. Therefore our team is always ready to clarify any eventual uncertainties.

Bigi Woyo has strong relationships with, among others, the Hakrinbank, Basic One, CIC, Digicel, Telesur and Axxel. Visit our 'partners page' for more information about the cooperation with these companies.

Future plans
At Bigi Woyo we expand our collection infinitely. Our aim is to be one of the largest online shopping platforms in Suriname.

Our promise to you
Bigi Woyo promises to make your life easier! How?

  • We offer the possibility to shop online 24/7
  • High quality products from local and foreign brands.
  • No cash needed, pay with your pinpas.
  • No more heavy carrying, your order is delivered to your home!
  • No worries! Our aftersale team helps you with deliveries, guarantees, returns and all other questions.