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The Hakrinbank is one of the leading financial institutions in Suriname and has introduced the HOP system for online payments. It is now possible to pay online with a pinpas from all local banks. Bigiwoyo works together with Hakrinbank to offer you a safe, fast and pleasant shopping experience.

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Basic one is natural water, which is directly pumped up out of the Zanderij aquifer. Water is an essential element for a healthy life. Bigi Woyo and Basic One work together to always provide you with clean, natural, Surinamese water, delivered to your home.

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CIC has become a fundamental part of the Surinamese community. Sranan sani, wi sani! Bigi Woyo and CIC work together to strengthen this bond. Take a look at our entire CIC products line on our CIC page.

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Digicel is one of the largest communication providers in the Caribbean. Bigi Woyo and Digicel are working together to be able to offer online top-up soon via

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Telesur is a fundamental part for the Surinamese community since 1981. Bigi Woyo and Telesur are working together to be able to offer online E-top up soon via

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Axxel appliances is a young growing brand with high quality products in various branches. Bigi woyo is an official partner of axxel and they work together to deliver reliable and affordable products and devices to the Surinamese society.

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